Mobility scooters are brilliant for enabling people with limited mobility to enjoy basic activities like nipping to the shops or visiting friends in the local area, but increasingly the machines are being used to further improve the quality of life of mobility impaired people by giving them access to the UKs green spaces.

Back in May, we brought you the story of Network Carradale, a bicycle hire business on the Kintyre peninsula in western Scotland who invested in a pair of high performance, off-road scooters to extend the service they offered to visitors with impaired mobility.

Now, Warwickshire County Council are following suit by updating the fleet of mobility scooters currently doing the rounds in the countys numerous country parks. While not quite as undulative or altitudinous as the wilds of the Kintyre peninsula, parks like the one at Ryton Pools provide excellent opportunities for visitors of all abilities to enjoy the great outdoors.

The council added three ˜high quality scooters to their fleet, which can be hired on a daily rate or via an annual subscription. Councillor Jeff Clarke explained how the council reached out for public donations to update the fleet;

œ[The old fleet had come] to the end of its road, he said.

"We had an excellent selection to choose from and finally got three we felt would be long-serving vehicles."

(Pic: One of the trails at Ryton Pools which mobility scooter users can enjoy)

By Help Mobility Team

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