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Posted by Jason Tate

A group of disability campaigners are calling for better access to be put in place for people with mobility equipment at one station.

Currently, these individuals cannot use Goring station to head to Didcot or Oxford because the platform can only be accessed via footbridge, which means they have to travel via Reading, the Henley Standard reports.

This can add 45 minutes to a journey that should only take a quarter of an hour, stated John Boler, chairman of the Mobility Issues Group for Goring and Streatly.

He said: "There is currently a great deal of work being performed on the railway footbridge and I know they will be spending a lot on the future electrification of the lines - surely they could spend a little more and provide better access?"

Mr Boler added there are over 30 people living in the area who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters that his group is aware of who would benefit from improvements such as a passenger lift.

Public transport access may be an issue for many people who struggle with their mobility, which is why Transport for London recently issued a guide highlighting accessible underground stations in the capital.

By Help Mobility Team

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