As we age and our level of mobility decreases, things we once took for granted become increasingly difficult. Climbing the stairs is one of those things.

Stairlifts can combat this in your own home, but what about when you need to go outside? You don’t want to be left stumped and frustrated by a staircase you encounter while you are out and about in your wheelchair, so what is the answer?

A wheelchair Wheelchair Stairclimber provides a very smart solution to this problem. Its clever design, lightweight frame and rough, tough durable structure make it ideal for moving up and down stairs in a graceful, safe and elegant manner.

These Wheelchair Stairclimbers work in conjunction with most wheelchairs available on the UK market, simply fitting onto the frame of your chair and using a single raising and lowering leg to help you to go up and down stairs.

These units are perfect for people with busy lives, as their lightweight build and small stature makes them ultra-portable and easily stored. The S-Max is one such example of a wheelchair Wheelchair Stairclimber; boasting a weight of just 14.5kg, and dimensions of 1200mm x 330mm x 320mm (HxWxD).

The S-Max plus has a similar maximum lifting capacity to standalone Wheelchair Stairclimbers. The unit can carry up to 160kg at a speed of between eight and 23 steps per minute; a speed which is adjustable to suit the requirements of different users.

A 24v motor powers the Wheelchair Stairclimber, which can negotiate up to 300 steps between charges. Steps up to a maximum height of 22cm can be handled easily by the S-Max.

Wheelchair Stairclimbers of this kind are beautifully versatile and can be fastened quickly and easily onto your wheelchair. Once you reach the top or bottom of the staircase, there is no need for an awkward transfer between equipment, just simply roll away and continue your journey.

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