“Foot rest goes up with arm rest can't get wheelchair near seat.”

"Not impressed with after sales service. Cost of insuring the stairlift very high but I have no benchmark to compare. I have taken insurance on a yearly basis but have never received written acknowledgement of this payment having been received. The yearly service has been carried out with very little or no notice - a phone message from the engineer half an hour before arrival because he's in the area. There have also been occasions when 'withheld number' calls were received and no messages left followed by an accusatory letter alleging that I had failed to respond to calls made by the service engineer trying to arrange the required work! "

“Bought a recondition model for my wife 18 months ago and so far very satisfied.”

"Excellent in all ways. Very reliable and I was amazed at the price, I thought it would have been more expensive. A very good buy."

"Whilst an older model now, the stairlift changed my Father’s life by enabling him to have a two floored house and yet it appeared as one due to the fantastic lift which Stannah installed and has maintained for thirty years. Forget a bungalow!"

" Quality product. .Most makes could handle a bend in the stairs and a 20 stone passenger! We are very pleased with iyr purchase."

"My stairlift covers 2 curved flights of stairs and was being fitted as expected but didn't fit towards the final part, so had to be taken out again, partially remade and then refitted. Otherwise there would not have been only *** in the relevant section above. "

"Stannah managed to make one chair cover both flights, that is the track was continuous, which was a great help to me and reduced the total expense. "

"Absolutely marvellous. Quality and use cannot fault."

"only had it a couple of month`s but no problem`s yet...."

"Easy to use, and reliable. Installed in several hour`s.."

"From the first visit to the installation, everyone the engineer, sales ,carpenter, electrician, telephone and installers where all very tidy, worked hard and were very pleasant."

"Much better service than I experience very often these days."

"Excellent after-sales service and very good help from Stannah when minor faults occurred."

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