A stairlift provides an excellent way of moving quickly and easily between levels in your own home, but what about when you need to get out and about?

The stairclimber offers a solution. An ingenious invention, the stairclimber combines the portability and convenience of a wheelchair with the stair climbing functionality of a stairlift, allowing users to ascend and descend steps with ease and dignity.

The device uses an extending column – positioned beneath the stairclimber, just ahead of the rear wheels – which gently raises the seat onto the next step. The rear wheels then come to a gentle rest on the step, allowing the column to retract before the process is repeated for the next step.

The result is a smooth and graceful movement up or down a staircase, with no need for the user to leave their chair.

The C-Max U1 is one such machine. With a maximum load weight of 160kg and double 12v batteries, the stairclimber is capable of a speed of between 8 and 23 steps, allowing a user to adjust their speed depending on their own needs and preferences.

This model can handle between 15 and 30 levels between charges. This varies depending on the weight of the user.

Steps up to a maximum height of 21cm can be easily negotiated by the C-Max U1, and the unit is fitted with automatic safety brakes which bring it to a halt at the edge of the step. A portable machine, the C-Max U1 weighs 31.7kg and has dimensions of 1090mm x 485mm x 915mm (HxWxD).

The C-Max U1’s wheels are also specifically designed to be usable on all manner of floor coverings without causing damage, while also being durable enough for use outside.

Specifically designed stairclimbers are also available to meet the needs of certain users. The C-Max+, for example, has a maximum carrying weight of 300kg – almost double that of the U1 – while the S-Max Sella has a slimmer design to make it ideal for negotiating narrow staircases.

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