Why Rent?

Renting a stairlift is a convenient and affordable option currently available to consumers. There are many advantages to renting over buying a stairlift outright. Find out here what you should know before renting.

Short-term Availability

The best advantage for renting a stairlift is for those who only will need one temporarily. For example, after a medical procedure which makes you temporarily disabled. Should you have a visiting relative with mobility problems, now you can make your home safe for them easily and affordably. In the past, with purchase only options, most consumers could not consider purchasing and installing a stairlift due to costs. Purchasing a costly mobility device for a temporary solution to mobility needs is a pricey option. With the option to rent, you can easily and cheaply have a stairlift installed in your home for just a few weeks or months, as long as you need it.

Renting a stairlift - More Affordable

Another great advantage to renting a stairlift over purchasing one is the cost savings you will enjoy. With renting, you will only a pay fraction of the complete purchase price to have your stairlift in your home. Payments are based on the length of the rental agreement, mobility options, etc. Renting a stairlift is similar to leasing a vehicle, in that you are only responsible for the monthly payment, and it is yours to use immediately. Additionally you will be able to have the best mobility options available to you, top of the line mobility equipment. To purchase these outright would be a heavy cost. Now with renting, these high-quality mobility options are yours to enjoy now with easy monthly payments.

Service and Guarantee Means Safety

You should be aware that a mobility aid such as a stairlift can be a great step towards improving your safety at home and preventing falls. However, it can also be extremely dangerous should it fall into disrepair or not be serviced regularly. A great advantage to renting a stairlift is you need not concern yourself with service contracts and warrantees expiring. As long as you rent, your stairlift will be serviced and kept in top condition by your rental company. This means should you have a problem, concern, or other issue with your stairlift, you are fine. Simply contact your mobility rental company and request service. With renting it’s easy to have both the convenience of a stairlift in your own home, and the comfort of knowing it will always be in good and safe working condition.

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