Stairlifts are often installed in public buildings and private homes to provide comfortable mobility to those with difficulties climbing stairs. Elderly people and individuals with discomfort in their backs or legs can easily travel between floors in stairlifts and retain their physical independence.

A standard stairlift system consists a rail that is mounted to the treads of the stairs, a carriage that is attached to the rail, and a controlling device that is fixed on the arm of the carriage. Because the rail needs to be perfectly fixed to the steps of the staircase, almost all stairlifts are custom-made and installed to accommodate the greatly varied designs and lengths of staircases in different buildings. Particularly in the case of curved rail stairlifts, careful measurement and design are required to ensure that specific types of stairlift systems are manufactured to suit individual curved staircases.

For those who are recovering from injuries or surgeries and therefore only needing stairlifts on a temporary basis, reconditioned stairlifts are a convenient and affordable option. In the case of straight rail stairlifts, the rails of reconditioned stairlifts can be easily cut or extended to match the lengths of the new staircases. Most reconditioned stairlifts can also be “re-handed” for use on the left or right side of the staircases. Even in the case of curved rail stairlifts, there are reconditioned stairlifts that contain specially made and highly reusable components in their rails, carriages and controlling devices.

Installing reconditioned stairlifts

When purchasing reconditioned stairlifts, it is critically important to consult legitimate and highly experienced suppliers who can warrant the systems are in excellent conditions. Only professional traders can certify the quality of reconditioned stairlifts, conduct frequent maintenance, provide first-rate spare parts, and offer proficient advice on everything you need to know about installing and operating stairlifts.

Furthermore, compared to new stairlifts that are made to order, the widths and other specifications of reconditioned stairlifts cannot be changed. As a result, when purchasing reconditioned stairlifts, it is essential to carefully evaluate your circumstances and needs. Measure everything meticulously and consult your supplier to ensure that the reconditioned stairlift you intend to purchase can be properly fixed to your staircase, be it straight or curved. If the reconditioned stairlift is not run by battery, then you should also seek advice from a licensed electrician regarding the capacity and limit of your electricity supply.

Finally, thanks to the invention and implementation of a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, modern stairlifts can remain active and workable for up to 10 years if used adequately. If you intend to purchase a reconditioned stairlift, it is highly recommended that you check its history and whether its previous owner had purchased it as a new or reconditioned system. Make sure that you ask for warranty or guarantee of extended use from a reputed dealer who can provide branded products and components as well as first-rate spare parts. This will ensue peace of mind and quality service in the future.

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