A perch stairlift is often recommended for customers that have difficulty bending their knees to achieve a sitting position. This style of stairlift enables you to ‘’perch’’ in a higher seating position than a standard stair lift, on a smaller seat, mounted above the lift motor.  This means your legs can be extended without the need to bend to a right angle for seating. There is generally a fold down footrest mounted on the bottom of the motor mechanism in which to place ones feet.

Perch stairlifts for narrow stairs.

This style of lift normally incorporates a substantial safety bar to hold on to allowing security without the use of standard arm rests.Such lifts can also be recommended if your stair case is very narrow (less than 24’’ wide) as a standard lift chair may be impossible to fit.Perch stairlifts can be fitted with many of the features included in standard lifts including remote control operation.

In conclusion, if you have seating issues or a narrow staircase there may still be an appropriate solution to meet your needs.

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