A stairlift allows you to stay in your home for longer, but – as the unit needs to travel up and down your staircase – safety is a paramount concern. If your weight is above a certain level, this will limit your stairlift options.

Fortunately, many stairlift manufacturers do offer models with increased weight capacities, facilitating safe movement between floors for people of any build.

Stannah Saxon

Stairlift giants Stannah are many people’s go-to lift brand. While the manufacturer do offer a heavy duty stairlift – the Stannah Saxon – the carrying capabilities of this lift is limited to 25 stone or 160kg.

For a time, this stairlift boasted the maximum weight limit of any lift on general release in the UK. However, this has now been eclipsed by the Minivator 1000 XXL and the Dolphin Home Adapt Elite.

Acorn Superglide

The Acorn Superglide is available in two models, both of which feature impressive carrying capabilities. The standard model of the Superglide is able to cope with weights of up to 20 stone (158kg), making it one of the more robust standard stairlift models currently available.

The heavy duty model of the Superglide can carry weights of up to 25 stone (160kg).

Minivator 1000 XXL

With each progressive model, the Minivator 1000 XXL stairlift has increased its carry capacity, making it an ideal model for a larger user. The latest version of the Minivator 1000 XXL model can handle an impressive 30 stone (200kg) of weight.

Home Adapt Elite

The Home Adapt Elite stairlift, manufactured by Bruno Independent Living Aids, is a similarly capable lift. The Elite can handle a maximum weight of 28 stone (181kg) and is replete with features such as an offset swivel seat to make it one of the safest and most user friendly models on the market.

The above stairlifts can help you continue to enjoy your home for as long as possible. Get in touch by email or telephone if you think that you could benefit from the installation of one of these units.

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