Consideration Before You Buy a Stair Lift

Straight or Curved Stairs

Stairlifts can fit both straight and curved staircases. Curved staircases require made-to-measure tracks and therefore tend to be more expensive. Some straight staircases may also require a made-to-measure service, but a free consultation and survey will determine this.

Narrow Staircases

Having a narrow staircase does not preclude you from having a stairlift fitted. Stairlifts can be installed on most staircases and a free survey will determine which lift is stuiable for your home. Weight Restriction Different lifts will have a different weight restrictions – check before you buy.

Safety Sensors

A vital safety device, safety sensors detect if there is any obstacle in the way of the stairlift as it ascends or descends. In the event an obstacle is detected, the stairlift will not move until the blockage is cleared. Modern stairlifts are available with up to eight sensors to ensure maximum safety.

Swivel Seats

Stairlifts are designed to facilitate easy movement around your home. Swivel seats make this movement even easier, allowing users to exit the lift onto the landing, rather than onto the top step of the staircase.

As well as providing a more comfortable user experience, swivel seats also offer an extra level of safety to the user.

Soft start – Soft Stop

You don’t want your stairlift to come to an abrupt halt at the end of its ascent or descent. A good quality stairlift will have a soft start/softstop mechanism installed which brings the journey to a comfortable end rather than an awkward jolt.

A vital feature for users suffering from back or joint pain, this feature eliminates any jarring and dramatically improves levels of comfort.

The Ride

It’s a stairlift, not a roller coaster, so the ride should be smooth, steady and controlled. A smooth ride enhances the comfort factor of the lift and improves the user experience.

DC Power

Good quality stairlifts do not require mains electricity to operate. Instead, they are connected to their own direct current power source. This ensures a smooth and controlled ride and also means that the lift can be used in the event of a power cut.

Remote Control

A remote control is more than a luxury. If there is more than one person in the household then a remote control will enable users to call the stair lift either down or upstairs to use.


There’s more than one way to control a stairlift, and this is something that users should bear in mind before they make their purchase. If button operated controls are a problem, a joystick operated lift could make using the lift easier and more comfortable.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

  • Does the company offer a free assessment and survey? Surveys are vital to ensuring that the stairlift you choose is compatible with both your needs and your home.?

  • Does the company offer a comprehensive warranty?

  • Does the company employ their own technicians to repair any faults?

  • Do they offer national coverage?

We only deal with companies that can answer YES to all of these questions

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