"No problems with the stairlift at all but the constant after sales telephone calls are driving me mad! They are pestering the life out of me pushing me to take out insurance (which is ridiculously expensive) even though my main reason for choosing Acorn was that they stressed how reliable their stair lifts are. Despite me asking them not to call again the calls still keep coming. I think an older person I would find this quite intimidating and would probably give in to the pressure."

"I fell down the stairs on a Sunday and by Wednesday it was installed with no problems what so ever. Their after sale service is second to none."

"I much preferred my old stairlift, a Thyssen, but they don't make that model anymore and it broke down irreparably. I had to get a new one as quickly as possible and didn't have much choice. The problem with the Acorn is that the footrest is not adjustable and I am short so although they say things can be adjusted weirdly this cannot and I only found out when it was too late. Also very ugly and the arms having to be right down as well as having to be 'clicked in' means it doesn't always start immediately. It is painfully slow but they all are I think! "

"We have a curved stair lift. The only problem with it is that when it comes to the landing it slows down and then when it goes up again it also slows down. As a result it takes a long time to go up and down with the stair lift. I called the engineer in and was told that this could not be changed as otherwise there is a risk of derailment. I consider this a weak point. Very annoying. The other very annoying feature is that one has to keep the buttons pressed all the time until the lift comes to its resting position. There ought to be a better solution. And then the amount of noise the system makes is terrible, I do not understand the need for this."

"Stairlift has made a huge difference to my life."

"Maintenance charge are excessive as stair lifts are normally used by old age pensioners."

"My stairlift makes so much noise and takes so long I no longer use it for going up the staris."

"Had a Stannah before this one, lot quieter and less bumpy."

"Just don't take the first price given. I was quoted way above normal. When I refused it was amazing how the salesman was able to locate a cancelled order, a thousand pounds cheaper!"

"I had a reconditioned Acorn lift fitted to my Daughters home because of illness, I am very satisfied with both the installation ease of use design comfort for my needs"

"The stairlift has taken 70% of my pain away which is a blessing. "

"Seat to padded. 5 year 'care' cost seems high for a robust machine."

"We have a very narrow staircase, but they were able to meet our needs."

"The ACORN stairlift, along with a service agreement was quite expensive, but, if we had not chosen this route we would have had to consider moving into a bungalow, or ground floor flat as my wife is quite immobile. The cost of that and the inconvenience of moving far outweighed the cost of the Acorn stairlift. My wife is hopeless at dealing with anything mechanical or electronic but she has coped extremely well with this stairlift. I would recommend ACORN to anyone considering purchasing a stairlift."

"Pleased with lift."

"I’m glad they were able to make the service more afordable"

"I endured a lot of hassle to take out a 3year service contract they contacted me one a month although the stairlift had 12 months guarantee I felt the price was too much too pay when I had just bought the stairlift. As it is nearing one year old I have now taken out the 3 year guarantee."

"It was only after the stairlift was installed that I received information regarding a service contract. This I feel should have been mentioned at the point of sale."

"I considered that the cost for a 3 year contract was exorbitant and therefore whilst recommending the stairlift for quality of design and construction, it is the terms of the service contract which I would be reticent in my recommending the staircase to a third party."

"Finally there was only a guarantee for 12 months compared with other suppliers 2 years. "

"My chair is a thyssen and I use them when anything goes wrong"

"Everyday life is made easier for me being able to access upstairs & downstairs"

"Only moan I have is that we needed an afternoon appointment to have it installed, but the company rang 5 times with morning appointments before it was finally sorted. Otherwise very happy with service and fitting - took less than an hour to install."

"The travel time between ground and first floor on my curved staircase installation is far, far too slow."

"The only issue we have with the stairlift is the flimsy key. It bends far too easily but luckily had a Sapir. There is a serious need for more substantial keys especially if staircase is a little narrow. A design fault but you will have to pay for a new lock to replace keys for newer versions of the key. This is unacceptable as it is a design fault."

"I find it very slow and wish I had made comparisons"

"Kept changing installation date at short notice. It's big an ugly .footplate could be a little bigger for my size 8 feet. "

"I purchased a Stairlift for my Mum and All is Brilliant I then purchased a second for my Mother in Law Ten weeks after that was Installed the poor dear Passed Away and I contacted Acorn to see IF they would take it back to sell on, They said NO, all they would do was Help Me Sell it at an Expected price of 400 pounds BOT they would charge me 475 to take it out THIS I think is DISGUSTING they charged me 1675 for the thing and TEN weeks Later want to charge me another 75 quid , It's a fact of life that when you Need a Stairlift you Need s Stairlift, you don't really WANT one Acorn Exploit this by charging TOP DOLLAR and then they know you won't need that Stairlift Forever and EXPLOIT for a second time, at a time due to circumstance people are vulnerable I WOULD NEVER RECCOMEND ACORN TO ANYONE having after the First Install Vowed to Recommend them"

"Saw 3 chairlift firms on Wednesday. You were straight forward, honest and did not try to do a hard sell. Ordered with you that day plus the extra warranty, I was called on the Thursday and your fitted arrived as arranged at 08.30 on the Friday morning. All working brilliantly since. My husband would not have managed stairs without this. Very user friendly product. Excellent fitting, no mess, very quick, extremely polite. All in all would very highly recommend to anyone and everyone. (and am usually a little picky and don’t impress easily therefore your team must be magic ;-) ) "

"Sick of being pestered to buy extended warranty"

"For servicing and maintenance annually, the charges should be very low since the cost of the lift is very very expensive"

"Best purchase I have made in years .turns your house into a bungalow without the hassle of moving."

"The after sales service has been a let-down. What Acorn tell you about their generous buy-back policy, is very misleading. "

"To summarise, the lift is very good but we feel we were misled by Acorn into believing they would buy the stair-lift back from us when it was no longer needed. "

"In the event of failure the manual wind down is useless"

"I saw the TV advert on a Tuesday night and the rep visited the next day and lift was installed and in full use by Friday afternoon."

"I would have liked the seat to have been a little softer and more choice of cover"

"I had to put acorn in the make because it wouldn't let me carry on by just putting my make in "other" but it isn't an Acorn"

"Changed my life!"

"I would recommend it but looking back their sales was pretty full on and my Mum only had use of it for about 3 months and we were led to believe that there would be support for selling it on. They however did not make us aware that they would take a substantial amount of the resale figure."

"I’m nearly 80, this morning I couldn’t get down stairs because the machine didn’t work. I tried the emergence cord and that didn’t work, I phoned the service dept and was told that they couldn’t come till the following morning, I told them there was no way could get down the stairs, they were adamant that the best they could do was the next day. I told them that I would have to call the fire brigade, as I told them if there was a fire i would be anyone buying a stair lift should have it made clear that a 24 hour call out means 24 hours after the phone call is made, even in an emergency. This issue wants looking at asp."

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