When deciding on what riser chair is suitable for you or the person going to be using the chair you need to decide on whether you buy a single or dual motor riser chair.

Single Motor Riser Chairs

Single motor riser chairs are the simpler one of the two as it only has two buttons on the keypad which controls the footrest and backrest together up and down. You can not control only one of the footrest or backrest but the footrest will go up before the backrest goes down. The simplicity of this chair and control is very good for any persons who may be suffering from dementia as they are less likely to get confused or have an accident.

Most single motor riser chair you can only recline to a 45 degree angel although a very good position to watch TV and talk with anyone else in the room it may not be the most comfortable position to sleep.

Dual Motor Riser Chairs

Dual motor riser chairs should have 4 buttons – an up and down for the backrest and an up and down for the footrest as they are controlled independently so you can use one without the other. Sometimes there is a 5th button which will put you back in a sitting position from any of the positions you happen to be in – simple and quick especially if you need to get up quickly for the door or an emergency.

Also with the some Dual motor riser chair you can decline to an almost flat position which is ideal if you need to sleep in the chair. The whole chair is flexible and enables you to find the right position for you.

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