Adjustable beds bring huge benefits to mobility restricted adults, but specifically designed models can also improve quality of life “ and facilitate easy implementation of care “ for young children with a variety of different needs.

Theraposture already have an established line of beds for young children, including the Timmy, the Olaf, the Hannah and the Lotte cots. However, it is the addition of the Mascot Mk.II that has the firms executives all excited.

The Mascot Mk.II is the worlds first fully modular adjustable cot. The ingenious design of the cot allows full adjustability in the standing height, door height, cot length and cot width dimensions. The modular structure allows divisions to be placed along the length of the cot, enabling its sleeping area to be adjusted and ensuring that the cot continues to be usable as the child grows and his or her needs change.

Theraposture launched the Mascot Mk.II at the Kidz South event on June 13th. The event “ held in Reading, Berkshire “ brings together manufacturers, charities and other organisations dedicated to working with children with special needs and disabilities. This years event featured over 120 exhibitors alongside a number of other events held on the day.

Therapostures sales director, Liam Braddell, explained why the Kidz event is so important to his company;

œWe are long term supporters of the Kidz events and this southern show has once again proven to be a success for Theraposture, he said.

œBoth my colleagues and I have been busy all day meeting many families and their children who were looking for trusted, safe and flexible care cot and bed solutions.

œAs we showcased the new Mascot, the Olaf cot and a Theracare low access profiling bed, all visitors were able to see and understand why our products are highly recommended by the majority of healthcare professionals."

By Help Mobility Team

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