Recently we brought you news of a Hampshire woman involved in a bust up with fast-food giants McDonalds after she attempted to use her mobility scooter in one of their drive thru lanes.

Kate Legg (76) had visited the McDonalds in Bedhampton, to the north of Portsmouth, to purchase a milkshake, opting to drive her mobility scooter up to the window of the drive thru lane. Here she was told that “ while she would be served on this occasion “ it was against company policy to allow scooters to use the drive thru facility.

McDonalds originally stood by this position, but have since issued an apology to Ms Legg. A statement released by the fast-food chain explained that McDonalds do not operate an outright ban on mobility scooters in drive thru lanes, but instead restrict access only to DVLA registered road-scooters.

"The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority and for this reason we are unable to serve pedestrians, bicycle riders and non- roadworthy mobility scooters through our drive-through lanes, said a spokesman for McDonalds.

"We can however serve customers on roadworthy mobility scooters but unfortunately, in this instance, staff did not recognise that the scooter was roadworthy. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused."

Ms Legg was unwavering in her criticism of ˜health and safety culture' in the UK."Health and safety is used for all sorts of stupid reasons and it does make me very cross."

By Help Mobility Team

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