Stannah has come out top in a poll of people who use stairlifts by Help My Mobility, the leading independent website for information on buying mobility products.

Overall there was a high level of satisfaction with all stairlift brands amongst those questioned, but the clear leaders were Stannah with Acorn and Brooks coming a close second and third. The total scores revealed the following rankings out of a total score of 35:

When asked about using the stairlift, Stannah came out top for reliability, quality and ease of use, but Acorn, Meditek, Brooks and Minivator also scored above four out of five.

However, for pre-sales service and installation, there was a mixed report and Stannah customers appeared less pleased with their experience. Brooks and Acorn scored highly and Stannah and Minivator were ranked lowest in regards to waiting time for installation.

Taking all factors into account, stairlift users are most likely to recommend Stannah, Meditek and Acorn.

Help My Mobility, which provides independent information and advice to help people find the right mobility products, questioned 100 stairlift owners for the poll.

By Help Mobility Team

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