Police in the Dorset town of Weymouth have complained of a œmobility scooter headache, describing how the majority of scooter users are being let down by the actions of a careless minority.

The comments followed a report that showed a 70% rise in anti-social incidents involving mobility scooters in the county in just three years. The 31 incidents reported in in 2010 rose to 53 in 2012, with a significant number occurring in the town of Weymouth.

But Inspector Les Fry of Weymouth Police was quick to defend the machines, and said that the majority of scooter users operated their scooters with due care and attention.

œMobility scooters are an important resource which allow people with mobility problems to access the community," he said.

œHowever, they can clearly have an impact on peoples lives if not driven carefully, appropriately and with consideration for cyclists, other drivers and pedestrians. A poorly driven scooter-buggy has the potential to cause injury and hurt and I would encourage everyone with one to make sure that they are appropriately maintained and insured.

Inspector Fry also stated that many of the incidents of anti-social behaviour were perpetrated by able-bodied individuals who were ˜joyriding, rather than mobility impaired people using the machines for their correct purpose.

The number of mobility scooters in the UK has exploded in recent years, reaching 300,000 early in 2013, compared to only 70,000 five years ago.

By Help Mobility Team

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