An angry mobility scooter user has made her displeasure known after being told by McDonalds staff that it was against their regulations for her to use her mobility scooter in their drive thru lane.

Kate Legg, who is 76 and from Leigh Park, Havant described the treatment she received at a McDonalds in nearby Bedhampton as œdiscriminatory;

œI went to the kiosk, made my order and the young man serving said, ˜I will serve you today and not again because of health and safety, she told a reporter from The Sun.

œThere was one car in front and no one behind, so I was not a nuisance to anybody."

A spokesman from McDonalds central head office defended the companys policy, stating that œCustomers on mobility scooters cannot be served through the drive-thru lane but are welcome to bring their scooter into the restaurant where possible.

A statement that would seem fair enough, seeing as pedestrians of any ability are not permitted to use the drive thru lanes and therefore no discrimination occurred on grounds of disability? Not according to Health and Safety Executive chairman Judith Hackett, who published a letter in the Portsmouth News supporting Ms Legg.

œ[These regulations] are nothing more than a ruse to stop perfectly legitimate activities from taking place “ a smokescreen for the real reason, which is often just bad customer service or a fear of being sued, read Ms Hacketts letter.

œEveryone should follow Kate Leggs lead, dont accept this nonsense. Kate Legg - Im lovin it!

By Help Mobility Team

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