Help My Mobility have donated a mobility scooter to a couple who recently found themselves victims of theft.

Fred (92) and Mary Baker (87) of Sholing, Southampton were left stranded after the scooter they had owned for only two months was stolen from the communal hallway of their property.

Mrs Baker, who suffers from osteoporosis, described her shock at discovering the theft to a reporter from the Daily Echo;

œI went into the hallway and thought, ˜Oh my God, its gone, she said.

Upon hearing of the theft, the Help My Mobility team decided to step in and offer the couple a replacement scooter. Director Jason Tate and photographer Dan Pordage visited Mr and Mrs Baker to hand over the scooter in person.

œFor the last week or so weve been unable to get to town, said Mr Baker.

œTheres a bus that comes around and picks us up and takes us off to town, they have a special hoist to pick the scooter up and drop us off. It will be great to be able to enjoy the local area again."

A good quality mobility scooter can be life-changing, as Jason explained;

"We feel extremely privileged to be able to help Mr and Mrs Baker, he said, after meeting the couple.

œI could sense how much a scooter means to them and how it will enhance their quality of life.

By Help Mobility Team

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