Road Safety Tips and Giveaway

With the nights drawing in and the gloom of winter upon us, Help My Mobility wishes to encourage all scooter users to take precautions when out and about at this time of year.

While travel is compulsory for many on a daily basis, it is advisable to be cautious, vigilant, and remain visible at all times. Avoid long distances where possible and think about your route, which may be affected by weather conditions or the lack of available light during the evenings. Beware driving on narrow roads, and ensure your scooter is fitted with headlights and rear lights as a minimum, which will make you much easier to see.

Make sure to wrap up warm, as remaining stationary whilst riding a scooter can be very chilling. Wear gloves, hat and scarves alongside a thick winter coat to keep the chill off.

Remember to always abide by the Highway Code, the scooter version of which can be found here

By Help Mobility Team

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