Help My Mobility recently spoke to Doug, from Bournemouth, in two separate interviews about his experiences in buying and using a mobility scooter, and what he thinks of his Rascal 3+ Liteway. He gratefully talks about how owning a mobility scooter has helped him escape a life of confinement, describing how without it, he would be trapped within the four walls of his home. He describes his scooter as providing ˜a release from prison, offering complete freedom to go out to the local shops or even the few miles into Bournemouth town centre.

Although only one man, his opinions shed light on many different aspects of owning a mobility scooter, the process of buying one, the benefits it can bring, and the little niggles which can elude many first time buyers or those looking to purchase.

To see Dougs full interviews, click here for his experiences and buying tips, or click here to hear what he thinks of his Rascal scooter.

By Help Mobility Team

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