Mobility scooter tyres as with car or bicycle tyres will suffer from wear and tear, as well as punctures or blow outs. As many mobility scooter users rely heavily on their scooters a puncture or blowout can be an inconvenience. The most likely cause of tyre failure will be a puncture. Suffering from a puncture whilst using a mobility scooter, can result in the user being stranded. There are however ways to avoid getting a puncture:

Solid in filled tyres

These tyres are solid therefore cannot be punctured. However, the main disadvantage of these tyres is that they result in a hard ride, as unlike pneumatic tyres there is no give which is offered by air filled tyres.

Punctured proof tyres

It is possible to puncture proof tyres allowing the user to benefit from the ride comfort offer by pneumatic tyres, but with the benefits of in filled tyres. If the user travels on long journeys then this additional comfort will be welcomed.

If you do not have solid or puncture proof tyres it is usually possible to convert your current tyres to make them puncture proof. Alternatively it is possible to purchase replacement tyres and inner tubes to replace the damaged ones. These can probably be purchased from a local dealer or found online. Check both prices to ensure you receive a good deal.

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