Many people believe that mobility scooters do not require servicing as they are electrically powered. A mobility scooter needs a different maintenance routine than a vehicle with a combustion engine, but is no less important. Many of the key working parts of a mobility scooter are hidden beneath the body-shell and require specialist knowledge and tool to access.

It is important to remember that a mobility scooter still has safety critical elements such as brakes which need to be checked. This is even more important on 8mph scooters that are used on the road at higher speeds. It is widely consider that 8mph mobility scooters will soon be subject to legislation that will require annual MOT style checks. This emphasises the need for good maintenance routine and checks.

To ensure that your mobility scooter is kept in good working order and safe to use, a regular service is required. We have partnered with Menda Scoota who offer full scooter and power wheelchair servicing. The service covers the following aspects of the scooter where applicable:


  • On/Off switch key ignition
  • Speed Control
  • Throttle Lever
  • Joystick and Gaitor

Seat and Bodywork

  • Upholstery
  • Seat Back / Armrest
  • Seat Post
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Seat Electrics
  • Body Shrouds

Wheels / Tyres

  • Condition of Front Tyres
  • Condition of Rear Tyres
  • Wheel Nuts
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Caster Stems

Motor / Drive Trains:

  • Motor Function / Noise Level
  • Electro Brake Function
  • Trans axle Noise Level
  • Freewheel Mechanism


  • Lights / Indicators
  • Audible Warnings

Chassis / Frame

  • General Condition
  • Steering Linkage
  • Suspension
  • Tiller Pivot / Lock
  • Footrest Hangers
  • Kerb climbers
  • Handbrake
  • Anti-tip Mechanism
  • Bumpers
  • Frame Lock


  • Physical Condition
  • Battery Connections
  • Condition of Loom / Plugs
  • Charge Condition
  • Battery Test

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