Buying a mobility scooter isn't the most straightforward of procedures, neither is it the cheapest. Here is a brief rundown of some of the purchase optons that may be at your disposal.

Buy Outright

So you’ve analysed your usage requirements, decided on what type of scooter best suits your needs, and now you’re ready to buy. The most common method of purchasing a mobility scooter is to use your savings. This has its advantages; it allows you to purchase a scooter outright, with no credit agreement and no long term repayment plan. Once the scooter is yours, it’s yours, and no one can take it away from you. However, buying a scooter outright also has its disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that it will very often completely wipe out your savings. A good quality scooter could cost you well into the £1,000s, meaning that all but the most disciplined of savers amongst us will find this method of payment a struggle.

Allowing us to put you in touch with a reputable mobility scooter provider is the safest way to purchase a scooter outright. We only deal with companies that meet our rigorous standards, so you can be sure that any company we refer you to will offer only the very best in terms of service. Ask the company for a demonstration on delivery. This will allow you to get to grips with your new mobility scooter in a familiar environment and ensure that the unit you purchase is the ideal one for you.

Payment Agreement

Paying for a mobility scooter outright may mean having to settle for a cheaper machine to suit your budget, rather than your mobility needs. Purchasing one on a payment agreement allows you to obtain the ideal scooter for your requirements, without compromising on price. You may have been planning to save up for a new scooter, going without a unit until you can afford to purchase it outright. If this is the case, buying on finance will allow you to get your hands on your new scooter sooner, without having to wait until you’ve saved the requisite capital.

Purchase Second Hand

Despite the advantages of a purchase on finance, some customers may still feel understandably uncomfortable with this method of acquiring a scooter. If this is the case, purchasing a second hand mobility scooter might be the best option for you. Second hand scooters will be cheaper, but you should be careful to ensure that the machine you purchase is in adequate condition. Never agree to purchase a scooter you haven’t had chance to see and try out in person, and always secure a warranty for the scooter to protect yourself in the event that anything goes wrong.

With a wide range of top quality second hand mobility equipment available on the market, purchasing a scooter in this way could save you a great deal of money and hassle. Search online for second hand mobility equipment dealers in your area and see what sort of deal you could land for yourself.

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