Being a vehicle, a mobility scooter will need regular maintenance and upkeep. The manual provided with the scooter will give instructions as to when to service, and which elements need attention. Looking after your scooter will entail frequent maintenance, and annual/periodical upkeep.

Frequent Maintenance:


The battery probably requires the most attention being a consumable part. Read the charging procedure carefully, as incorrect charging will dramatically reduce the life of the battery.


By cleaning the scooter you will help prevent dust, dirt, grit etc getting into any moving parts and causing wear and tear.

Keep it Dry

Store in a dry place to prevent rust from forming on the scooter. Dry fabrics (such as seat) to prolong the life of the scooter.

Periodical Maintenance

One of the most important factors in maintaining your mobility scooter in good working order is to ensure that it is serviced at the recommended intervals. This will ensure not only good working order but also that the scooter is safe to use.

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