If you have a mobility scooter which isn’t easily portable you may require the help Hoist of a mobility scooter hoist to raise the scooter and place in boot of the car. A rear hoist as the name suggests is a small crane designed to lift the scooter or wheelchair and place in the boot. There are two main types of hoists; two way and four way, both are powered by the car battery. The two way hoist can raise and lower the scooter, but the user will manually have to push and swing the chair into the boot once raised. The four way hoist will raise and lower the scooter as well as swing into and out of the car. Modern hoists can be fitted to most cars, but will need to be professionally fitted. Modern hoists have hand held controls; some are attached by wires while others are cordless.


The hoist should be installed by a professional as it will be lifting heavy weights. You may need to take your car to the dealer or some companies have mobile units which will come to you. Most hoists can be fitted to either side of the boot, but check with the supplier if this is important. The hoist should be tested once fitted to ensure it is safe to operate.

Checklist before buying.

  • Can the hoist be fitted to your car?

  • Will there be enough space to carry luggage, shopping etc once the scooter is in the car?

  • Ensure the hoist arm is long enough to clear the car when the scooter in being loaded

  • Can the hoist carry the weight of the scooter?

  • Can the arm of the hoist be remove and stored easily when not in use?

  • Can you the strength to operate the hoist?

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