It happens far too often: you spend ages on hold to the insurance company and when you final get through, the operator asks you for a serial number. You offer them every other piece of information under the sun, but it’s to no avail, they need a serial number.

Serial numbers are used in conjunction with a wide range of electrical equipment, and mobility scooters are no exception. If your mobility scooter needs a part, or if you need to get your machine insured, you will need the scooter’s serial number.This is a unique number that identifies your individual mobility scooter, allowing a company to access information about your unit quickly, efficiently and accurately. Of course, this is great if you know your scooter’s individual number, but what if you don’t have it to hand?

Don’t panic, the serial number is usually hidden somewhere on your scooter’s body. In most cases, the serial number can be found in one of these three places:

1. The Seat

The first place to check is on your mobility scooter’s seat. The serial number will usually be located on the underside of the seat, but check all over the seat including on the back or on the arms. The serial number will be displayed on a plaque or label and should be easy to spot.

2. The Body Work

The second place the serial number can be located is on the body work. Check the rear section of the body work and look for a plaque displaying the serial number. Remember that a serial number can – and often will – include letters and numbers.

3. The Battery Box

Check the battery box if the serial number can’t be found on either the seat or the rear body work. Many manufacturers mount the serial number in the mobility scooter’s battery box. Open the lid of the battery box and remove the battery unit. There will be a plaque or label in the battery box displaying the serial number of your machine.

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