To help new mobility scooter owners we have published some basic tips that we have received from other users our website.

Before driving a mobility scooter you should refer to the highway code to ensure you have the very latest information possible. If you feel you would benefit from extra training some local police services offer mobility scooter training schemes aimed at improving your skills.

It is also vital to sure you understand the classification of your mobility scooter and whether it can be used on the road or payment only.

Tips and Hints

Familiarise yourself with the scooter prior to making your first trip outside the home and get used to steering, starting and stopping.
Some people advise practising with the scooter in a safe area prior to using on the pavement.

Try to use your scooter in good weather before going out in the rain.

Build up the length of your trips gradually as you confidence grows. This will also give you a chance to test the battery range of your vehicle.

Always drive slowly and cautiously on public payments and give priority to pedestrians. Always treat pedestrians with respect.

Consider carefully where you park your scooter so that it is secure and does not form an obstruction.

Many mobility scooters have a speed setting which can be used to minimise your actual speed and allow you more time to access the pavement ahead.

Use lowered curbs rather than trying to mount or descend a full curb height as the majority of scooters are not designed for this. Failure to use lowered curbs can make a scooter unstable and cause expensive damage.

Always use minimal speed when turning as the scooter is at its most unstable. Try to avoid peak times when pavements are very busy.

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