As the law stands there is no compulsory driving test that you are required to pass before driving a mobility scooter on the pavement or on the road (if the mobility scooter is a class 3 classified). To drive a scooter you are not currently required to hold a UK driving licence even though some models can be used on the road and there is no legal obligation to hold insurance.

Many industry bodies feel that a mandatory assessment should be introduced to check a person’s ability to drive a mobility scooter prior to purchase by reviewing a customer’s co-ordination, eye site and awareness.

Most reputable mobility scooter companies will provide a basic assessment service to find the most suitable scooter for your individual needs. It is often useful if a relative or carer can be involved in the buying process to give help, support and an independent opinion. It is strongly recommended that comprehensive insurance policy is taken out at the time of purchase and quotes can be easily obtained online.

Competent mobility companies should also use trained engineers to deliver the product, assemble and demonstrate prior to use. We have heard of occasions where companies have refused delivery to customers where they felt the person could not operate the scooter safely.

Unfortunately customers who purchase by mail order online (e.g. via the Internet) will have no external assessment before they commence use.

As a result, in this time, it is very much your responsibility to ensure you are fit and able to operate an electric mobility scooter safely as you may well be held liable in the event of an accident.

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