One of the key issues when searching for a mobility scooter should be the distance you would like to travel and this would be the range of the scooter. You should check the battery distance once charged as getting stranded could be difficult to get the scooter moved and back home without power.

Range is usually measured by the manufacturers and given in miles. You will need to look at the daily journeys you take if this is what your scooter will be used for – distance to your local shops, dentist, and doctors etc. If there are longer journeys you wish to take then you should take these into consideration as well. Some people will only require their scooter for the short journeys so the range won’t need to be so long but if you are planning longer journeys than you should be looking at a longer range. Range is sometimes overlooked and could become a problem if you have chosen a scooter with not enough range and you are unable to arrive at your destination and get home or sometimes you could purchase a scooter with too much range but considering this before you purchase could solve the problem and may save you on the price.

When looking at scooters the comfort of the journey would be important for any longer journeys and if you suffer from medical conditions for example arthritis. Try not to be guided by price only as a 3 wheel scooter may not be up to a long journey in terms or range and comfort but slightly more expensive 4 wheel 4mph scooter could provide not only the relevant power but a comfortable ride.

When you have a scooter start with running the scooter in so do not use the full power on your first few journeys, build the power up slowly. This will always get you used to the scooter and gage how far you can go and get home without getting stranded. A process which is very important if it is a second hand scooter as the batteries will become less efficient over time.

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