The 4 wheel scooter we test drove was a non transportable 4mph scooter. It was powered by two 12volt batteries. Features included horn, speed setting, lights, key ignition, tilt tiller, lever forward/reverse controls and captain swivel seat.


""When set on maximum speed the power was excellent. If anything it could catch you of guard and you should be aware of how fast the scooter will move away. We recommend setting the speed on half setting when pulling away and adjust once on the move."


"To charge you simply plug the lead into the mains. In an ideal world you should store the scooter in your garage or porch and have main power there. We ran an extension lead into the back garden to charge the scooter. The batteries could not be easily removed for charging."


"Stability was excellent. The four wheels make a huge difference. Even when turning tightly at speed the scooter remained stable."


"Maneuverability was good, but not as good as the three wheel scooter. May prove difficult to negotiate in a super market."

Ease of Control

"We found it extremely easy to control. The lever controls could be used with both hands. Using the right hand simply pull towards you to move forward, release to stop and push away to reverse."


"The scooter we tested had a range of 20 miles on a full charge, which was more than enough for our use. If you plan to undertake long journeys check the range of the scooter before buying."


"Travelling uphill was no problem. The scooter would slow slightly but managed a fairly steep hill easily. The weight of the user will have an effect the ability of the scooter to travel uphill or even effect the range."


"The scooter managed with most terrains we tested included short grass, gravel paths and dirt paths. If you plan to use the scooter to walk dogs, then a four wheel would be a good selection. But check before you buy."


"The four wheel was easy to use, stable and managed most terrains. Remember it is not an off road vehicle so sensible use is important."

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