The 3 wheel scooter we test drove was a transportable 4mph scooter, powered by two small 12 volt batteries. Features included horn, speed setting, key ignition, lever forward/reverse controls and captain swivel seat.


"The power was noticeably less than the 4 wheel scooter we tested. But still adequate to travel at an acceptable speed."


"Charging was simple with two options. Option 1; plug the charging lead into the scooter directly. Again if you store the scooter indoors or in a garage with mains power charging would be simple. Option 2; is to remove the battery, again this is simple the battery was in a bag with a handle allowing us to remove it simply, then plug charge directly into the battery."


"Stability was average. Only having three wheels reduced stability when compared to the 4 wheel scooter. We found that sharp turning at speed may cause the scooter to unbalance."


"Manoeuvrability was excellent, and would out manoeuvre the four wheel scooter. The turning circle was tight, making the scooter ideal to use in shops."

Ease of Control

"We found it extremely easy to control. The lever controls could be used with both hands. Using the right hand simply push forward to move forward, release to stop and push left to reverse."


"The scooter we tested had a approximate range of 10 miles on a full charge, which was more than enough for our use."


"When travelling uphill there was a noticeable reduction in speed. The weight of the user will have an effect the ability of the scooter to travel uphill or even effect the range."


"We felt this scooter was better suited to smooth terrains, and would not manage well if used on uneven surfaces."


"The three wheel was easy to use, with excellent manoeuvrability. Ideal for indoor use and short trips to and around the shops."

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