If entering and exiting your bath is becoming difficult a bath lift may help. It opperates by simply lower you into the bath and rasiing out, once you have fisinhed. It will help reduce the risk of slipping or falling when trying to enter or exit the bath. Help My Mobility have joined with Easylift Bath Lifts to offer a bath lift to help with your needs.

The Easylift lets you enjoy a safe, deep, relaxing soak in your bath without the worry of slipping and straining when getting in and out. The Easylift bath lift iswidely used by thousands of satisfied customers and is one of the most comfortable and safest bathlifts available.The Easylift is made to fit nearly all baths and its compact design takes up little space in your bathroom making it also ideal for other members of your family to use. If the lift is not required, you can remove it by simply retracting the belt.

Bath Lift Remote Control

The easy to use handheld remote control is waterproof and can be used in and out of the bath. Pressing the red (right) button raises the bathing belt, while pressing the grey (left) button lowers it.

Grab rail

The grab rail fixes securely to the wall opposite the floor mounted padded seat and acts as a wall support for the fixed end of the bathing belt. The belt can also be removed from the rail allowing others to use the bath.

Padded Seat

The comfortable padded seat is fitted above the main unit and has been cleverly designed with the seat hanging slightly over the edge, providing a helpful hand-hold to assist you getting in and out of the bath.

Battery Charger

The padded seat is hinged upwards to access the rechargeable battery. The battery is then charged outside the bathroom using the supplied charger.

The Easylift ’s bath lift features are designed for your comfort and safety.

• Comfortable padded seat making it easy to get in and out of the bath.
• Wall mounted grab rail for full support.
• Easy to use waterproof remote control handset.
• Smooth and gentle lowering and raising action.
• Unique slip cushion included.
• Re-chargeable battery which fits neatly into the compact unit.
• The bathing belt can be retracted when required for other users.
• User weight of up to 20 stone.
• Fitted in a few hours by our bath lift professional installation team.

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