Modern walk in baths can come with many features to improve the users bathing experience. Some of the features will come as standard, others will be additional. Check before purchasing to determine which features are included in the price. Such features include:

Thermostatic Mixer Taps

Due to the fact that when the bath fills that the user is seated in the bath it is vital that the water is at a comfortable and safe temperature. A thermostatic mixer tap will regulate the water to ensure the water is at the correct temperature.

Grab Rails

Also known as safety rails will aid exiting and entering the bath.

Slip Resistant Floor

A good floor is important to improve grip and reduce the likelihood of slipping.

Safety Seating

Some walk in baths are fitted with a seat to make entry and exiting the bath easier.

Quick Drainage

As the user is seated in the bath whilst the water drains quick drainage is important to allow the user to exit as quick as possible. Some baths can be fitted with dual drainage to speed up drainage.

Quick Fill

Again as the user is seated in the bath whilst it fills, the quicker the bath can fill the better for the user. Some baths can be fitted with a quick fill system.

Hydrotherapy System

Like a spa system circulating small bubbles around the user. Such systems may be beneficial for easing aches and pain.


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