Installed on its own, a walk-in bath provides a safe and easy-to-use place to bathe. This gives you the freedom to bathe unassisted and to use your home for longer. The boost in self-esteem and general sense of well-being this can bring is immeasurable.

But, by using a walk-in bath in conjunction with other products and accessories, will you can increase your enjoyment of the bathing process and give yourself the confidence to remain in your home for as long as possible.


Standard, round-handle taps may be difficult to operate for people suffering with arthritic conditions in their hands. Instead, lever taps require less force and less grip to operate, making them simple and safe to use for people of all abilities.

A cheaper option is to invest in a handy “tap turner”. A tap turner is a nifty little device that fits over your existing taps, facilitating easy and quick turning. As you will need to sit in the bath while it fills up, the ability to quickly turn off the hot tap in the event of unexpectedly high water temperature is vital.


The combination of water, soap and slippery surfaces can make bathing hazardous, particularly for people suffering from impaired mobility. The installation of grab rails around the bathing area make the process far safer.

Standard grab rails are constructed in a sturdy, tubular design and come in 30cm, 40cm, 45cm and 60cm lengths. The rails are affixed to the wall of your bathroom via “feet” that fit into each end of the rail and are screwed directly into the tiling or wall. It is advisable to have these rails installed professionally.

Other rails include grab bars that fit directly onto the rim of the bath itself. These do not need to be installed and simply clip into place, facilitating easy removal and movement. Grab bars provide an extra handhold by which to steady yourself when entering and exiting the bath.

Padded grab bars are also available. These bars offer extra grip to their user, and therefore can be considered safer. Users also report that they are more comfortable to use for people with arthritic complaints in their hands.

Non-Slip Mat

While you will spend most of your time in a walk-in bath sat down, climbing in and out and general standing up can still pose a considerable hazard. The raised parts of the floor of your bath help to assist with grip, but may be insufficient. Non-slip mats, with suckers on the underside, affix directly to the floor of the bath and to the floor of your bathroom if you have a tiled floor, providing exceptional grip and eliminating this risk.

These water-proof, wipe-clean mats remain in place even if water is spilled on them, retaining traction and allowing easy and safe transfer in and out of your bathtub.

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