What are adjustable beds?

Hospital beds can be adjusted in position to suit your requirements. If you have a medical condition that requires you to sleep in certain positions generally an such beds may help. It can be altered into a position comfortable for reading or for watching TV in bed. As the bed can be molded according to your body structure, it can provide comfort and relaxation.

How do they work?

Adjustable beds are power by electric motors which can adjust the position of the bed by a remote control. The number of motors the bed has will usually determine the variations in positions which can be obtains, the more motors usually the greater the adjustability. The beds are powered by mains electricity, so you will need to consider the location of the bed and ensure a power socket is nearby.

How are they controlled?

The beds are controls by a hand held remote, usually with pushbuttons to adjust the position of the bed. Depending on the type of bed the head and leg section can be adjusted separately, and any other features such as message and heat can also be controlled.

What happens in a power cut?

If a power cut occurs some beds are designed to automatically return to the flat position to allow the user to easily exit the bed. If this is an important feature for you check before you buy.

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