Adjustable beds are said to help with easing many medicinal conditions, such conditions include;


There are many different types of arthritis, with millions of people in the UK suffering from this illness. A comfortable mattress and suitable sleeping position can improve blood flow and may help ease pain caused by arthritis. An adjustable bed can help achieve a comfortable sleeping position thus help blood circulation, special features such as message and heating can also assist. Rising of the head section of the bed may also help in sitting and exiting the bed.

Back Pain

Back pain, especially in the lower back section is a very common problem, which can be caused by injury, trauma or aging. Historically a firm mattress was said to be the best solution, but result medical research has shown that a medium/firm mattress could be more suitable. A suitable adjustable bed can not only help with entering and exiting the bed, and obtaining a comfortable sleeping position but also help with blood circulation to make the muscle more supple and with may ease the pain.

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention can be very uncomfortable, and is common in the lower leg which can be caused by standing to long, flight or aging. A hospital bed can help relive the pain by raising the legs and reducing the pressure. A message feature may also help disperse the liquid.

Poor Circulation

Poor blood circulation can be uncomfortable, and even lead to blood clots. An adjustable bed may assist by positioning your bloody to aid maximum circulation. Again a message feature will help in circulating the blood.

These are just a few of the medical issues which an adjustable bed may help with. The above is for general information only. Seek professional medical advice before purchasing.

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