When looking in to the purchase of a hospital bed you will be faced with many options, with such a broad choice available it is not easy choosing the right one.

The main difference between a hospital bed and standard adjustable bed, being that a hospital bed can be raised or lowered to assist the carer as well as the bed adjusting to make the user more comfortable.

Hospital beds vary in frame size, accessories and the mattress type also there is the choice of electric, semi-electric or manual operation. Fully electric beds allow the individual to adjust the position to whatever feels most comfortable and is therefore the preferential option for those who are not mobile. The semi-electrical bed enables easy control of both the head and foot position, but the actual bed height is controlled manually. Manual beds are operated with no electrical assistance and therefore can be more difficult but this option is the cheapest of the three.

It may well be that you have had recommendations from a care team who can advise on the best sort of bed. You also need to consider who would be tending to the person using the bed as the type of bed will differ depending on this, whether it is a trained medical professional or an elderly spouse. It is very important to measure your doorways and stairways as well as the bed itself. Hospital beds are large so ensure you have enough space in order to operate the bed and make sure there is enough clearance space underneath so that you can place any tables or even a hoist. Also ensure there is enough space on either side of the bed for the carer so that they can perform any duties and if you are purchasing an electrical or semi-electrical bed you will need an electrical socket within easy distance. Finally, it is important to choose the right mattress dependant on the individuals needs. There are three main types available. The foam mattress can help stop the occurrence of any pressure sores and aid pain relief. The air mattress can also prevent sores and can give a greater degree of comfort. The pulmonary mattress is designed to help those who have poor lung function and include vibration and pressure relief attributes.

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