An adjustable bed provides the comfort and functionality needed to give people suffering from mobility issues and other disabilities a restful night’s sleep, but, when implemented correctly, they can also provide so much more.

For people with severe mobility problems, the ability to sit up in bed is something that cannot be taken for granted. Pleasures such as sitting in an upright and supported position – to watch television, eat or read, for example – are provided by a good quality adjustable bed, as are the health benefits of being able to raise the lower limbs independently of the rest of the body. Many adjustable bed users are completely bedridden, or at least confined to their bed for the vast majority of their day. These bed users will often receive assistance from a carer who will work to make the user’s quality of life the best it can possibly be. Fortunately, adjustable beds are available that can make the carer’s job easier, helping them to deliver the best possible care to the patient.

These carer-focussed adjustable beds – or hospital adjustable beds – boast a range of features designed to make life as easy and comfortable as possible for the patient and carer alike.

Full Bed Elevation

Raising the head and foot ends of the bed independently is great for providing comfort and support to the bed user, but the full bed elevation feature ensures that carers are able to augment that comfort with the minimum of fuss. Daily tasks such as bathing the patient, changing dressings and other actions that would be difficult with a standard adjustable bed are made easier with this function.

Tilting Functionality

Most carer focussed adjustable beds will also feature a tilting function, with independent raising and lowering columns which enable full bed elevation as well as head and feet end elevation. This makes the above tasks easier, and allows the carer to carry out vital services while maintaining the comfort and dignity of the patient. Studies have also cited these beds as having a marked effect on conditions involving blood circulation. This gives carer focussed adjustable beds with tilting functionality demonstrable medical benefits.

Safety Bars

The inclusion of moveable safety bars facilitate easy transfer of the patient between the adjustable bed and a mobility chair or other piece of equipment. The bars can be quickly and easily raised or lowered by the carer as and when required. For a bed ridden patient, a fall from the bed can be catastrophic and potentially life-threatening. By ensuring that the safety bars are in place when the patient goes to sleep, the carer can ensure that the patient remains safe and secure while they rest.

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