Adjustamatic Beds Limited has been making adjustable beds in the UK for more than 35 years. It is registered with the British Government’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority and has certification of ISO 9001:2000. The company is part of Niagara Healthcare, the world’s largest manufacturer of therapy products.

Adjustamatic Massage Features...

Each of the adjustable beds provided by Adjustamatic Beds has a built-in therapeutic Cycloid-Action Massage Therapy System, which allows the user to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage in the comfort of his or her own bed. According to the company, “unlike other massage units, which work on a to-and-fro ‘hammer-like’ movement (which for some conditions may possibly be harmful), Cycloid-Action massage therapy has a three-way action, rotating and pulsing out from the centre like a whirlpool of vibration moving up and down, round and round and in and out”. In other words, the massage therapy system imitates the techniques of a trained masseur, who is capable of improving a client’s blood circulation and relieve pains in muscles and joints. So far, more than 27 medical research papers have been written worldwide about this massage therapy system and its health benefits.

Furthermore, each of the beds provided by Adjustamatic Beds is infinitely adjustable through the use of a convenient hand controller. This is an important feature, as many people suffer from pains in muscles and joints as a result of not having proper support from their own beds. Particularly around the neck, shoulders, hips and ankles, a fully adjustable bed can provide precise and personalised support. This helps remove all pressure points so that the user can relax and have a deep, restful and healthy sleep.

Another significant feature of the adjustable beds provided by Adjustamatic Beds is their “easy reach” design. However a bed is raised to a specific position, its head remains where it should be, right next to the user’s bedside table. As a result, the user can easily reach for a drink, a book, or turn on or off a light. There is no twisting, turning or stretching of body involved.

Finally, all of the adjustable beds provided by Adjustamatic Beds are approximately 2.1 metres long and equipped with unique pressure-relieving Aveon mattresses, which use the Visco Elastic Foam that is based on a material originally developed for the U.S. space programme. Depending on the widths of the mattresses and how much weight they can carry, three types of single adjustable beds are available -- the first is 76 centimetres wide and carries up to 18.1 stones of weight (115 kilograms), the second is 91 centimetres wide and carries up to 18.9 stones of weight (120 kilograms), and the third is 107 centimetres wide and carries up to 22 stones of weight (140 kilograms).

Two types of double adjustable beds are also available -- the first is 137 centimetres wide and carries up to 25.2 stones of weight (160 kilograms), while the second is 152 centimetres wide and carries up to 26.8 stones of weight (170 kilograms).

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