Wizzybug is a life-changing bit of mobility equipment with a long history. Originally developed by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) in the late 1980s as a mobility solution for young children with cerebral palsy and other severe mobility problems, the Wizzybug started life as the BIME Infant and Junior Buggy.After years of service aiding the play and development of young children, the buggy underwent an extensive review in 2003 when BIME appealed to users for feedback and information on how the vehicle could be improved.Taking this information on board, BIME set about testing the next stage of the buggys development. Understanding how play forms a vital part of the emotional development of young children, and eager to ensure that no child is excluded from such a valuable experience, the developers at BIME put the feedback they had received into action: Wizzybug was evolving.With an emphasis on fun and development, Wizzybug is a powered mobility chair aimed at improving quality of life for disabled children aged 18 months to 5 years. Its playful design and easy functionality makes Wizzybug ideal for kids, while its adjustable seating and solid structure make it a versatile vehicle and suitable for a wide range of different terrain types.As suited to gardens and playgrounds as it is to indoor spaces, Wizzybug allows disabled youngsters to explore their environment and learn from what they experience, all the while remaining safe, comfortable and easily supervised.A detachable trailer and playdesk also allows children to continue playing with their toys while using Wizzybug, further enhancing their experience.For more information on how this charming and brilliant vehicle could benefit your child, visit the Wizzybug homepage at

By Help Mobility Team

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