Planning and preparation are all well and good, but sometimes the best things are born out of chance encounters. It was through one such quirk of destiny that the Weely Wheelchair story came to fruition.Weely Wheelchair is a charming new character created by Marilyn Thomas-Williams, a writer, director and producer from Wales. The story was inspired by children in a television documentary, who invented vibrant, fun and dynamic characters to cope with their disabilities.With that in mind, Marilyn set about creating three characters of her own Weely, Tista and Benzz each one a wheelchair with its own unique and expressive personality. The development of Weely and his friends gathered pace when Marilyn joined forces with Art Ellis, an artist with over 20 years of experience at the very top of the childrens book and art design game.It was her meeting with Art that Marilyn described asthe design of destiny”, and which catalyzed the growth of Weely Wheelchair and his friends. The pair set to work on Marilyns first story, entitledMagical Dream”, fleshing out Marilyns narrative and characters and creating a visual storybook for YouTube, following Weely, Tista and Benzz on a fun, nocturnal adventure around a childrens hospital.Over the course of the four minute story, we see central-character Weely, pink ballerina Tista and Benzz, an oxygen tank toting, sunglasses-wearing hipster delighting children on the ward as they race around the hospital. The visual storybook is available to view for free below.Magical Dream provides an introduction for children to the three dynamic and exciting characters, created by Marilyn. Next, their creator plans to listen to feedback from children, developing the characters and the story in a way that will truly benefit children of all ability levels.Look out for further updates on Weely Wheelchair and his pals from Help My Mobility.

By Help Mobility Team

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