A pavement mobility scooter will do a healthy 4mph at full throttle, while a road legal machine will be capable of a teeth-rattling 8mph if opened up to full speed. You might even be able to find a scooter that can do 20 or 30mph on private land and we should stress that this must be on private land! but youll be hard pressed to find anything to compare to the beast that's been tearing up a test track on the Isle of Man in recent weeks.This machine is the latest offering from Garage Insanity, a team of petrolheads from the island in the Irish Sea who like nothing better than to take zippy machines and make them a heck of a lot faster. This time around, the team have grafted a Suzuki GSX-600F motorbike engine onto a standard mobility scooter in a bid to create the fastest scooter on the planet.And it appears that the bid was indeed a successful one. Videos released by Garage Insanity show the modified scooter easily defeating souped up versions of the Nissan Skyline and the VR6 Volkswagen Golf on a ¼ mile track. Early data suggests that the machine is capable of doing over 100mph the modified scooter was clocked at 102.2mph in its battle with the Skyline. However, its creators assert that the vehicle could do significantly better, reaching speeds of up to 120mph in optimum conditions!This would emphatically beat the current world record of 71.6mph, set by Colin Furze back in 2010. The Garage Insanity crew plan to etch a place for their machine in the history books by making an official Guinness World Record attempt on the Isle of Man on August 31st.We wouldnt bet against them breaking the record in some style!

By Help Mobility Team

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