Its just over a week since Naidex National closed its doors for another year. The jamboree of mobility equipment firms and industry figures drew impressive crowds, who came from far and wide to hear talks from some of the leading experts in the field, to check out exciting new products on the market and to meet and greet some of the inspirational attendees.While I dont presume to place the Help My Mobility team in the latter category, we were most definitely in attendance. With our cameras in tow, we snooped around the National Exhibition Centre, chatting to whoever did not run a mile when they saw us coming.We saw some amazing feats of mobility engineering, and spoke to some fascinating people, documenting many of these meetings on our and pages. However, this was not all we spotted as we wandered around the show.The stands at Naidex were peppered with automated displays of interesting products. One of the best we spotted was Access BDDs demo of the Flow2 stairlift, a unit marketed as providing one of the smoothest rides on the market.The Flow2 achieves this smoothness via patented technology that allows it to swivel gently as it travels up and down stairs. This allows it to negotiate even the most curvaceous of staircases in one fluid movement; a feature that will dramatically improve quality of life for people who find using standard stairlifts uncomfortable and painful.Put yourself in the Access BDD teams shoes: how do you do justice to a product like this in a bustling public arena like Naidex? You commission a 12 foot high column for your stand and send the Flow2 up and down carrying three full glasses of water, of course!Fortunately for Access BDD, the Flow2 did not live up to its aquatic moniker, and not a drop of H2O was spilled on the journey.The Naidex event was about far more than mobility. Many of the events exhibitors have dedicated their lives to pushing the boundaries of assistive care, something that was exemplified by a visit to the events sensory areas.some_textThese areas were designed to show how sensory based treatments and products could benefit both children and adults. Providing demonstrable medical benefits to users, as well as offering a cheery environment for relaxation and play, these sensory products work on multiple levels.In the KideQuip area of the show, we saw how specifically designed toys, developmental aids and play environments could benefit children and carers alike. Meanwhile, the sensory rooms demonstrated how carefully engineered environments can greatly enhance the care and treatment of people of all ages.The fascinating science behind these sensory rooms is something that simply has to be experienced first-hand.Another fascinating bit of technology that we spotted at Naidex was Stannahs augmented reality app. This tool allows representatives to show a potential buyer precisely what a stairlift will look like in their home during a consultation. Help My Mobility are major advocates of in-home demonstrations before the purchase of a piece of mobility equipment, and so we are big fans of this nifty piece of tech. For a full demo of the app, click the and check out our video from the show!Last but not least, the award for the most delicious promotional material on any of the stands at Naidex surely goes to AutoChair. While the rest of the Help My Mobility team were filming AutoChairs excellent product range in action view those videos our snapper was busying himself by taking photos of this excellent piece of culinary engineering.And who could blame him?

By Help Mobility Team

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