The independence and mobility that scooters and wheelchairs offer to their users is invaluable, but travelling with them can be a major hassle. All airlines that operate out of the UK are bound by regulations which ensure that they offer a decent service to their mobility impaired passengers, but provisions and facilities do differ from operator to operator. Virgin AtlanticRichard Bransons Virgin Atlantic operate a dedicated Special Assistance team to ensure that their disabled passengers are cared for. However, the team request that they be contacted prior to your flight to allow them to prepare assistance to make your journey as smooth as possible. They also request that you complete an online information form for each leg of your journey, detailing the make and model of your piece of equipment, plus other pertinent information. This can be downloaded from the Virgin Atlantic website.RyanairBudget air travel specialists Ryanair allow their passengers to transport two pieces of mobility equipment, with no extra charge. The airline also state that the usual luggage weight limits do not apply to mobility equipment.However, they only allow wheelchairs with dry or gel cell batteries to be carried on their aircraft and require that the battery be isolated and stored safely while on board.\r\nRyanair also offer manual wheelchairs to their passengers for use within airports.MonarchMonarch provide assistance to their mobility impaired passengers providing they have booked this assistance in advance. Assistance bookings can be made when the flight is booked, or up to 48 hours before the flight is scheduled for take-off.The airline also allow mobility scooters and wheelchairs to be carried on board. Monarch require that mobility scooters have manual drive or freewheeling functionality, facilitating easy movement when the battery is disconnected.British AirwaysBritish Airways do allow scooters with non-gel or wet batteries on their aircraft, provided that they be notified at least 48 hours before the flight is scheduled to take off.They also allow collapsible manual wheelchairs to be stored in the cabin, again providing notification is given at least 48 hours before take-off. There is no limit to the amount of mobility aids that can be taken on British Airways aircraft.

By Help Mobility Team

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