Mobility scooters are great for giving you back your freedom, allowing you to explore your local area the way you used to, but the portability of the larger models definitely leaves something to be desired. A heavy duty scooter might have a range of 20+ miles, making it tremendously effective over a variety of distances, but less useful when you need to take your scooter on a car journey.The Luggie is an ultra-portable scooter that experiences no such transportation problems. Developed by mobility specialists at Baarn in Holland, the Luggie is an ingenious little device which is a mobility scooter one minute and a portable hard-shell carry case the next.This may sound like an exaggeration, but impressively it isnt. The user friendly design of the Luggie allows it to be quickly and easily folded away, reportedly in under a minute. While other portable scooters must be dismantled into conveniently carry-able components before they can be placed in the boot of a car, Luggie remains in one piece, simply folding in on itself.What's more, the Luggie can fit into the boot of even the smallest of vehicles, thanks to its space-saving design.The scooter is designed to be ultra-lightweight, facilitating easy carrying. This allows people with low upper body strength or more serious mobility issues to port the Luggie with the minimum of fuss. The aluminium alloy chassis ensures that the Luggie is lightweight without compromising on the levels of tensile strength necessary for a mobility scooter.Available in a range of colours from sharp yellow or burgundy, to cobalt blue or gunmetal grey the Luggie is as stylish as it is practical. Look out for one appearing on a pavement near you in the not too distant future.

By Help Mobility Team

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