Get Involved and Support Anti-Bullying Week Its anti-bullying week; a week devoted to promoting awareness of the issues of bullying and discrimination in the UK. Despite the actions of charities up and down the country, recent studies have shown that millions children are continuing to hide their talents and keep a low profile at school because of the fear of being bullied.But bullying is not limited to school children; many adults experience bullying in the workplace or in other areas of their daily lives. Recent investigations have found disturbing evidence of the bullying of vulnerable individuals at care homes including systematic bullying and abuse of residents at the Winterbourne View care home near Bristol while figures released by UK police forces showed that anti-disability hate crime increased by almost a quarter in 2011.It is depressing revelations like these that underline just how important a campaign like Anti-Bullying Week really the UKs leading bullying prevention charity is one of the organisations spearheading attempts to stamp out bullying in Britain and raise the profile of Anti-Bullying Week in the national consciousness.As well as their distinctive light blue wristbands available on Beat Bullyings website Beat Bullying have launched a series of resource packs for schools and learning institutions. These resource packs include lesson plans tailored to each key stage, along with a host of activity and assembly ideas aimed at educating kids about the issue of bullying.There are currently 8 lesson plans that can be downloaded individually from the Beat Bullying website.The charity also offersIndividual Mission, which individuals of any age can download and action. These mission plans include activities such as Write a Blog and Beat the Bully in Your Head which are designed to promote the anti-bullying cause on an individual level.Take a look at the website for information on how you can get involved and support Anti-Bullying Week.

By Help Mobility Team

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