To say that a walk-in bath or easy access shower has a positive effect on the life of its user would be an understatement. For many people, the value of the feelings of independence and renewed self-confidence that come with the installation of such equipment is almost immeasurable; but that is not to say that your bathing experience cant be made even better.We always advocate combining different mobility aids and pieces of equipment to give yourself the best quality of life possible. Bathroom accessories, like the ones offered by Conform UK, can be used alongside accessible bath and shower units to augment your bathing experience.The company has 16 years experience providing products aimed at making daily life easier, safer and more comfortable. Among the bathroom products offered by Conform UK are adjustable bath boards, which facilitate easy transfer in and out of your bath, shower stools or wheeled shower and commode chairs to make bathing and showering easier.Bathrooms and wetrooms come in different shapes, sizes and layouts. Conform UK provide a range of accessories that are designed to enable individuals, offer independence in the bathroom, help and support the care-givers. A folding shower chair for example may be an option for bathrooms with limited space. The online catalogue showcases a range of products that go beyond bathroom equipment; there are pressure care cushions, fashion that fits when you sit, orthopedic mattresses, exercise equipment, colour therapy lamps, kitchen and many more mobility accessories. When it is difficult to locate a national distributor offering the required equipment, the products are easily identifiable and links to the manufacturer are provided where possible. An impressive array of innovative, useful products; youre certain to find something that may change your life.

By Help Mobility Team

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