Selecting the right adjustable bed for your needs can have a revolutionising effect on your quality of life, but that bed will be useless without the right mattress.Standard mattresses lack the flexibility to be compatible with adjustable beds, so only a specifically designed adjustable bed mattress will do. There are several different kinds of mattress that are designed for use with adjustable beds, each with their own characteristics that could benefit users with different mobility issues.BaKare are an adjustable bed company with over 20 years of experience in the field. They supply dynamic airflow mattresses with innovative designs that aid comfortable sleep and optimise the function of your adjustable bed.The Diamond is one of those mattresses. It uses 58 individual air cells which inflate and deflate minutely throughout the night to provide almost unparalleled levels of comfort and support to users.The Diamond mattress has a low profile design, enabling it to be safely used in conjunction with hospital and clinical nursing beds with guard rails at the side. It also alternates the air pressure levels in its cells throughout the night, aiding blood and oxygen flow around the body.The Medi-Pro® + is another adjustable bed mattress stocked by BaKare. Unlike the Diamond, mattresses in the Medi-Pro® + range use different combinations of comfort foam, memory foam and hi-density foam to enhance support and comfort while the bed is in use.The Medi-Pro® mattress also incorporates firm side walls to prevent mattress sides collapsing. This helps to maintain stability when getting into or out of bed.For more information on the mattresses and adjustable beds that BaKare offer, contact the companys sales team on 01752 512222 or visit their page at

By Help Mobility Team

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