Arthritis affects the mobility of around 10million people in the UK; thats just under a sixth of the UKs total population. To say arthritis is common would be an understatement. Whats more, the perception that arthritic conditions exclusively affect older people is a myth. While arthritic conditions tend to be more prevalent in people of an advanced age, people in this demographic are by no means the only sufferers. Young children, middle aged people and people in their early twenties can all be at risk from the painful, debilitating and un-discriminating condition.Fortunately, there are organisations that can assist with the misery of arthritis. Arthritis Care is a charity that offers support to people with arthritis while also actively pursuing research into the treatment of arthritic complaints.Arthritis Cares website features sections explaining how healthy eating and regular exercise can keep the onset of arthritis at bay. The site points out that low fat, low sugar and low salt foods can help prevent arthritis, while foods that are high in starch and fibre, as well as fruit and vegetables, are encouraged as part of an arthritis-combatting diet.On the exercise front, Arthritis Care recommend exercises that strengthen muscles without placing extra strain on the joints. Exercises that improve posture and flexibility, such has light stretches and yoga, are also efficient in lessening the effects of arthritis.As well as this universal information to people affected by the condition, the site also provides tailored information on issues that may be weighing heavily on the minds of thousands of people around the country. Pages such as Working With Arthritis and Parenting With Arthritis offer valuable support and will certainly help to put many minds at rest.To browse the information and services offered by Arthritis Care or to support the charitys work visit the organisations website at

By Help Mobility Team

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