A severe mobility impairment can make independent living difficult. The point of a piece of mobility equipment is to reintroduce those feelings of independence and dignity, and ensure that a persons disability has as little impact as possible on their quality of life.While most mobility equipment is designed for use either in the home or by pedestrians out and about, the service provided by Adapted Vehicle Hire extends this concept of facilitating ease of access and independent living to the world of motoring. For most of us, our car provides us with a valuable connection to the outside world. By providing wheelchair accessible and other specifically modified vehicles, Adapted Vehicle Hire ensure that this connection is not lost just because of a mobility impairment or disability. The company have grown substantially from their modest beginnings in 2005, and now operate a fleet of over 200 vehicles, all of which provide vital motoring accessibility solutions to people with a wide variety of disabilities.Priding themselves on being far more than just a vehicle hire firm, Adapted Vehicle Hire are active members of the disabled community, maintaining a strong presence at support shows, at events and at open days. This community focus allows Adapted Vehicle Hire to provide a tailored and compassionate service to their customers, while remaining on top of developments in the mobility equipment market.For more information on the hire vehicles and services offered by AVH, they are contactable on 0845 257 1670. Please quote reference: HMM01. Alternatively, visit their website at

By Help Mobility Team

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